【Product operations and technology development】
Star City v1.3 dual version launched online officially.
Star City Mall launched.
Redemption, treasure hunting and raffle are waiting for you;
New version of Star City under development;
Infrastructure of Star City optimized;
Ttoken v1.1 dual version launched online officially;
Whole new UI debuted, upgrading the user experience;
Ttoken problem backlog optimized;
Star City Mall services optimized and upgraded;
Star City NFC functional upgrading in better support of TAS platform;
TAC NFC client optimized and upgraded in better support of TAS platform;
TAS blockchain anti-counterfeiting and traceability platform launched online officially;
TAS anti-counterfeiting and traceability platform optimized and upgraded, with adjustment made for chaining logic;
TAS platform signed up for customer technical support;
TAS anti-counterfeiting and traceability platform upgrading, to be launched soon.

【TAC business ecosystem construction】

  1. B-0820. This week, TAC followed up on its project with Sichuan Tea Group, as the leadership of Sichuan Tea Group expressed strong interest in blockchain-enabled anti-counterfeiting and traceability technology. This project is well underway.
  2. B-1107. This week, TAC’s business department recommended blockchain traceability system to an agricultural and livestock production group in person, which was well received by the customer for the value of blockchain application to the traceability system.
  3. B-1108. For the New Zealand seafood project, TAC followed up on the project this week and both sides intend to deploy respective public blockchain for seafood traceability master net at home. TAC can provide such highly individualized corporate needs with proven technical services. Currently, the customer is in the process of collating traceability data and TAC will continue to follow up on the project.
  4. B-1111. A tea cake project with Zhengpinhui. Zhengpinhui tea cake products for which TAC provides technical services entered the market during the Double-Eleven shopping festival, which products are traceable via electronic chips. Zhengpinhui mall is China’s first online genuine product traceability system platform combining new retail practices, blockchain technology, internet of things and new financial services.
  5. B-1116. TAC established partnership with Huakang Liquor Co., Ltd located at Moutai Town of Guizhou and brought its Gaojiayan liquor and Duzheng liquor products onto blockchain for traceability.


  1. B-1121. This week, TAC established partnership with a healthcare product developer and producer in Sichuan in hopes of recording and chaining the healthcare product production information using TAS traceability platform’s product application and helping the company marketing its products.
  2. B-1129. This week, TAC founder Mr. Wang visited Shanghai to discuss with the head of IT department of Carrefour China HQ about the blockchain technology application for Carrefour in China. Both sides agreed to try out blockchain application to selected commodities before engaging in in-depth cooperation.

【Project progress】

  1. TAS blockchain traceability SAAS product has secured two purchase orders to date;


  1. TAS anti-counterfeiting 2D code mailed to all business partners;
  2. TAS completed discussions with its business partners about potential customer identification;
  3. Materials for discussion between TAS partners and companies were issued;
  4. TAS successfully held its first offline partner meetup in Beijing;
  5. TAS slogan was determined as “TAS allows consumers to link with genuine products” after a solicitation campaign;
  6. TAS online partner training was conducted three times, providing detailed demonstration of traceability business, strategic presence and product use;
  7. TAS opened its Wechat public account called TAS platform sales classroom and begun its communication efforts through multiple channels including microblog;
  8. TAS blockchain traceability SAAS system operates normally and is now being upgraded and transformed;
  9. On December 27, TAS blockchain traceability consensus conference was held at Kunlun Hotel, Beijing.
  10. As of November 30, TAS recruited 367 sales partners and approved 73 of them.


  1. TAC launched 50% off sales campaign during the double-eleven shopping festival in collaboration with BCEX and many project owners.
  2. TAC &www.bishijie.com and many other project owners jointly held a matchmaking event, where a winner will be given the “gift package” of TAC.
  3. The winner of TAC’s double-11 matchmaking campaign was unveiled. 11111TAC+22222 star city blue diamond was issued.
  4. TAC DAPP star city redemption mall was launched officially, consisting of treasure hunting and bonus point redemption and other offerings, with more commodities to be offered.
  5. TAC opened a column on its “newsgathering everyday” project, welcoming everyone to break news on the column.
  6. TAC started its thanksgiving campaign to thank everyone for their concern and support for TAC.
  7. The community of TAC and www.douliao.net was launched online, along with the prize-giving solicitation for commodity traceability chaining.
  8. The TAC community on www.douliao.net started content mining campaign where TAC rewards will be given to those who provided high-quality contents.
  9. The thanksgiving campaign of TAC’s coin community was concluded, with 300 RMB worth of TAC+ blue diamond gift given to winning fans.
  10. TAC and www.douliao.net offered TAC red packet function, allowing the promoters of TAC to receive red packets from TAC.

Report Date
Prophet interview “Fake commodities to be distinguished and eliminated using blockchain technology for the double-11 festival”————November 2
Yangchenghu Hairy Crabs chained officially{ TAC monthly report October————November 3
Is it in time for gold rush in Hainan? A visit to the pilot blockchain zone of Hainan————November 5
TAC officially entered the pilot blockchain zone of Hainan————November 5
188 CMMCs will be gifted to you for your sharing! ————November 6
CFDA promulgated traceability guidelines and third-party service market launched officially ————November 7
The most comprehensive guide to shopping at BCEX for double-11 festival teaches you how to buy any brands for affordable prices————November 8
Secretary general of Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association Mr. Liang Wei visited TAC ————November 9
2018 Blockchain+ e-commerce industry report: blockchain, the next big thing| BlockData ————November 10
Star City Redemption Mall launched |TAC project weekly report November 5-11. ————November 11
Don’t panic, come here for sunshine prize if you want————November 12
Alibaba and JD are the first to try out blockchain application for the double-11 festival————
November 12
China’s first blockchain-based electronic certificate of real estate issued in Loudi of Hunan————
TAC signed strategic partnership agreement with Zhengpinhui————November 15
TAS blockchain traceability platform secured its first order | TAC project weekly report November 12-18————November 18
TAC reached strategic partnership with Huakang Liquor from Moutai Town of Guizhou————November 20
TAC reached strategic partnership with 13 Straight A girl students community————November 21
New blockchain promotion policy enacted by Beijing government————November 23
The first TAS partner meetup held in Beijing | TAC project weekly report November 19-25————November 25
Blockchain finally works on pigs————November 27
The success story of “Blockchain +traceability”: e-commerce platforms are on the left, while standardization on the right————November 28
New blockchain promotion policy enacted by Beijing government————November 23


  1. TAC founder Wang Pengfei attended the 2140 Family founding member blockchain ecosystem salon upon invitation and delivered a keynote speech “blockchain application implementation from 0 to 1”.


  1. On the afternoon of November 8, secretary general of Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association Mr. Liang Wei visited TAC and talked to Wang Pengfei, TAC founder and vice president of the association.
  2. On the morning of December 1, TAC founder Wang Pengfei delivered a lecture on blockchain application in the field of anti-counterfeiting and traceability to over 150 postgraduate students at the school of finance of University of International Business and Economics.
  3. On the afternoon of December 1, TAC founder Wang Pengfei attended the 2018 China FinTech and Blockchain Workshop held by Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association and delivered a keynote speech on the opportunities and challenges to blockchain in the field of traceability at the closed door meeting on the afternoon. This workshop discussed in depth the development trends of financial technology in China, as well as blockchain and big data. Chief of the science and technology division of the People’s Bank of China Li Wei, secretary of Haidian District Party Committee Yu Jun, deputy director and secretary general of the internet finance research center of the financial research institute of the People’s Bank of China Wu Baichuan, president of Sinodata Zhu Yedong, general manager of blockchain technology of Tencent Li Maocai and head of blockchain core technology department of Ant Financial Yan Ying attended this workshop.


  1. SEO optimization completed in October.
  2. Maintenance of self-owned platforms.

No Item Details
1、Wechat public account————25 articles compiled and published
2、Sina blog————25 articles compiled and published
3、Sina microblog————25 articles compiled and published
4、Official website—tacchain.cn————11 articles compiled and published
5、Official website—tacchain.io————11 articles compiled and published
6、Official website—English version-tacchain.cn————1 article compiled and published
7、Official website—English version-tacchain.io————1 article compiled and published
8、www.ctoutiao.com————25 articles compiled and published
9、www.douliao.net————25 articles compiled and published
10、www.7cj.top————25 articles compiled and published
11、www.jianshu.com————25 articles compiled and published
12、Wallstreetcn.com ————25 articles compiled and published


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