【Product Operation and Technology R&D】
Function of Star City is under optimization;
New functions and planning seminar of Star City;
Blockchain browser is under optimization and upgrade;
Blockchain browser of mobile phone version is launched online;
Official website optimization and upgrade;
Chunagshi Lingpai is under internal test;
Traceability Chain anti-counterfeiting and traceability Saas platform is under internal test;
Docking with several content service providers;
Total registered users of City Star reached 35041 people;

【Business Expansion】

1.B-0903, in this week, General Manager Tang, the business partner of our company negotiated the software system agency in Henan on cooperation, and both parties will establish the cooperation relationship of city partners, in the late stage, we will provide business and product training, and promote the rapid landing of Traceability Chain products and business in Henan.
2.B-0906, establishing a selenium-rich product operation supplier in Beijing, and the customer hopes to launch the planting and processing information and supply chain information of the products in the chain with blockchain traceability technology, so as to ensure the safety of food and market circulation, and improve the brand influence.
【Project Follow-up】

1.B-0326, Santay Wine Project: in this week, we started the docking with customer, besides launching the product traceability information in the chain, the customer put forward the new demand information, we will constantly track the demands of this project.
2.B-0603 New Zealand milk powder project: the scheme of this project is updated in this week, the labeling of milk powder bottle has been implemented manually, and the blockchain traceability milk powder project will be quickly promoted to land.
3.B-0803, Inner Mongolia sheep breeding traceability project: In this week, our company has submitted to project design scheme to the customer, the customer is satisfied to the scheme, currently, we are waiting for the arrangement of secondary investigation for confirming the detail demands of the project.
4.B-0823 Cooperation project with Paris international diploma certification institute, in this week, both parties communicated on the details of business cooperation, and will sign the strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will promote the landing of more projects with own advantages and achieve win-win cooperation.


1.Wang Pengfei, the Founder of Traceability Chain, was invited by AWARE Blockchain for interaction with fans and explaining Traceability Chain from the angle of value investment.
2.Provided the FAQ on relevant issues of producing blue diamond through Star City ecology in the Traceability Chain communities.
3.Traceability Chain Partners Recruitment System (Version 3) has been sorted and improved.

Reports Date
New progress of 6 landing projects in this week | August 27-31 Traceability Chain Weekly Report September 3
Forge ahead into the future, break in category, new projects added in August | Traceability Chain Monthly Report in August September 4
Food traceability is a major battleground in blockchain September 5
What kind of "chemical reaction" will produce when QR code meets blockchain? September 6


1.About the value investment of Traceability Chain,Wang Pengfei carried online discussion and reply in AWARE Blockchain.
2.On September 7, Wang Pengfei, the founder of Traceability Chain, was invited to participate in the BlockChain Cases Center held by SUP, and shared with the theme of "Blockchain Application Landing and Case Study on Traceability Chain".
BlockChain Cases Center collects the most valuable and representative industry practice cases globally, and accelerates the landing of blockchain technology in China through the mode of case study.
Maintain the self-operating platform.

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