【Preface:】 The "2018 Global Blockchain Intellectual Property Summit" (GBPS) sponsored by IPRdaily and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Jinse and QF Capital will be held in Beijing on August 29. The Founder of Traceability Chain Wang Pengfei was invited to attend the summit and give keynote speech, and share the "Opportunity and Challenge of Enterprises to Launch in Blockchain" with the guests.

The number of patent applications related to blockchain technology has grown rapidly in the past two years. Among which, the amount of patent applications related to the relative bottom layer technologies such as access control, public key decryption, block construction, data processing accounts for about 50%. The other half of the patent applications are related to the application of blockchain in various industries, such as identity authentication, drug label, food tracking, audit registration, financial institution information coordination, personal credit and tax declaration and some other industrial applications. At the same time, the value of patent for blockchain technology has been recognized and pulled high. How the enterprises to use the patent layout of blockchain for promoting the application landing, and getting the strategic commanding point of future technology and market competition, it is worth thinking and caring to all the industry participants.

The following is the agenda of the Summit, welcome to the Summit:


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