【Technology development and product operation】

  1. Dual version of the City of a Thousand Stars v1.1 developed and under test, expected to be launched next week;
  2. Minor version of Ttoken soon to be upgraded;
  3. A new version of Ttoken being developed at the same time;
  4. Problems found in digital asset cross-chain service test have been resolved;
  5. Founding membership campaign for the City of a Thousand Stars is about to end, whereupon the rewards for founding members will be cancelled. There are a total of 27263 registered users so far.
  6. Technical interfacing for information chaining requests of three companies completed and the corporate platform is being upgraded and will be launched soon.

【Business development】

  1. B-0811 TAC conducted a field survey for a targeted poverty alleviation program in a certain county of Shanxi province and presented a proposal for ensuring data accuracy and trueness through traceability chain.
  2. B-0813 TAC reached a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in IoT code spraying and marking in Hefei, whereby TAC will provide services to companies in various fields using ink jet control technology.
  3. B-0814 TAC discussed with a kiwi fruit grower in Xi’an city about bringing its products onto traceability chain using SaaS system.
  4. B-0815 TAC discussed with a timber market in Zhangjiagang Bonded Area about traceability of timber boards and redwoods. Related matters are being followed up on.
  5. B-0816 TAC reached a MOU with a medical device company in Henan province, which is planning to bring its new products to be launched in November onto the traceability chain.
  6. B-0817 TAC reached a MOU with a medicine bureau of a particular city in Henan province on cooperation in bringing commodities of local pharmaceutical companies onto traceability chain.
  7. B-0818 TAC reached a MOU with a city-level association of industry and commerce in Henan province to jointly accelerating the chaining process for agricultural products, food, tobacco, wine and pharmaceutical products, starting with agricultural products and food before rolling out to tobacco and wine and pharmaceutical industries.
  8. B-0819 Deputy Director of the logistics and trading bureau of Zhangjiagang Bonded Area Management Committee Ren Yan and deputy section chief Wu Kejia visited TAC and both sides talked about how to ascertain rights for bulk commodities, trace imported and exported commodities and integrate them with supply chain finance using blockchain technology.

【Project follow-up】

  1. B-0603 A distributor of milk powder imported from New Zealand completed technical test for automatic labeling of milk powder cans. The project owner and supplier conducted a field survey this week.
  2. B-0718 The traceability label for hairy crabs has been selected and procured, with smart RFID anti-counterfeiting label employed for the first batch of the products. The waterproof effectiveness of the label has been tested.
  3. B-0510 The product model has been identified for generic bonus point program and the next phase started.


  1. TAC & bidong.io showed TAC and DAPP city of a thousand stars in bidong APP and gadgets. Bidong is the world’s first digital currency market information APP to provide comprehensive public opinion and on-chain data services, a one-stop service platform covering market information, news, investment advisory and financial products.
  2. TAC’s tokenTAC is about to be offered in In Chat wallet after related application package was submitted; according to the official website of this platform, InChat now has over 1 million registered users and over 300000 daily active users.
  3. The latest version of TAC community volunteer FAQ is been compiled and will be synchronized with all community volunteers so as to allow volunteers and investors to have a deeper understanding of TAC’s projects.
  4. A way to acquire the invitation code for TAC’s DAPP city of a thousand stars was added to allow users to acquire invitation code by searching “invitation code for city of a thousand stars” on blog.sina.com or Baidu post bar “city of a thousand stars”. (the download link for city of a thousand stars: https://planets.tacchain.cn/)

【Ecosystem kickoff meeting】

  1. The contents of corporate manual finalized and delivered for design and typesetting.
  2. A summary of costs and expenses of TAC ecosystem kickoff meeting was submitted to the conference for budget application.
  3. Design requirements for certain materials submitted.


  1. TAC founder Wang Pengfei was interviewed by www.8btc.com and talked about related industry topics.
  2. Related materials were provided to the 2018 Global Blockchain Industry Research Report (application-wise) of ChainHeadline.


  1. TAC communicated with related external platforms in support of the cooperation on hairy crab project B-0718.
  2. TAC discussed about actual cooperation under the strategic partnership with Zhongbiao Fangyuan.
  3. TAC discussed with partners about related cooperation at the preference conference held by CCID Blockchain Research Institute.

【Self-owned platforms】
No Matter Details
1 Wechat public account 7 articles compiled and published
2 Sina blog 7 articles compiled and published
3 Sina microblog 7 articles compiled and published
4 Official website—tacchain.io 7 articles compiled and published
5 Official website—tacchain.cn 7 articles compiled and published
6 Official website—English version-tacchain.cn 3 articles compiled and published
7 Official website—English version -tacchain.io 3 articles compiled and published
8 Facebook 3 articles compiled and published
9 Twitter 3 articles compiled and published
10 Jinse.com 7 articles compiled and published
11 Bishijie.com 7 articles compiled and published
12 Ctoutiao.com 7 articles compiled and published
13 Application for publication of articles on Wallstreetcn.com—insight 7 articles compiled and published
15 TEX------Twitter 7 articles compiled and published


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