【Technology development and product operation】s
Dual version of City of a Thousand Starts v1.1 under development and the development schedule is 50% completed.

Server-side code of City of a Thousand Starts optimized and combed.
The new version of Ttoken underwent functional planning and combing and will allow users to redeem blue diamonds and trade digital assets across chain.
Smart contract for evidence retention service has been tested and deployed online;
Blockchain browser optimized and upgraded for evidence retention services;
Cross-chain digital asset trading service underwent internal test and will become available when the new version of Ttoekn wallet is launched online.

DAPPCity of a Thousand Stars currently has a total of 25419 registered users;
DAPPCity of a Thousand Stars is downloadable from MI app store, Myapp, 360 cellphone assistant, OPPO app store, vivo app store, byb store and beestore.
TAC interfaced with information chaining technology for many companies, with blockchain upgrading for many companies to be completed soon;
【Business development】

  1. B-0721 Business partner of TAC discussed with Sichuan Province Medicine Development and Promotion Association about implementation of TAC technology for pharmaceutical industry in Sichuan. In the wake of the vaccine scandal, the pharmaceutical industry paid much attention to blockchain technology and expects to empower pharmaceutical companies with the implementation of such technology.
  2. B-0806. TAC discussed with a collagen peptide healthcare product company in Beijing about its needs, which expects to upgrade its anti-counterfeiting capabilities using blockchain and realize product traceability through blockchain technology.
  3. B0808. TAC discussed with a luxury dealer in China bout possible use of blockchain technology, which expects to register and track the product lifecycle on tamper-proof digital ledger using blockchain technology while ensuring the owner privacy and security.
  4. B-0810. TAC signed strategic partnership agreement with Hunan city partners in Hubei province, whereby both sides will jointly implement blockchain-based traceability technology for food and drugs and retail outlets.
    【Project follow-up】
  5. B-0603 The automatic labeling technology for milk powder cans is being tested for a New Zealand milk powder dealer.
  6. B00718. the label selection and procurement plan for hairy crab traceability project will adopt smart RFID process for the first batch of products. The waterproof feature of RFID label is now under test.
  7. B0730. TAC is discussing with the owner of the lunch traceability project in Shanghai about commercial terms.
  8. B-0802. the meat chain project is now at the stage of traceability data chaining standardization and the interfacing with smart breeding system data.
  9. TAC & DragonEX marketing campaign phase 1 completed the reward distribution process, acquiring nearly 1000 new recruits and over 10000 Token rewards.
  10. TAC founder Wang Pengfei was included in the “blockchain hall of fame”by www.finacerun.com and talked about why TAC can eliminate the falsification.
  11. TAC communities publicized and promoted the upcoming launch of TEX exchange, as TEX was officially launched as the world’s first commodity digital asset trading platform.
  12. DAPP “City of a Thousand Stars” was launched on “BYB”& Bee Store, with generous rewards offered to users.
    【2018 Blockchain Traceability Forum & TAC Ecosystem Kickoff Conference】
  13. The agenda of this meeting has been set and materials required for this meeting are being prepared.
  14. TAC approached to numerous media outlets about the possible cooperation on this conference.
  15. Jinse.com, bishijie.com and blockchainworld.com reported that TAC worked with Huobi Cloud to launch TEX commodity digital asset trading platform.

As one of the first to embark on Huobi Cloud, what on earth TEX is?”

  1. Jinse.com, Bishijie.com and iterduo.com reported that Coldlar and TAC established partnership to explore how to achieve traceability and anti-counterfeiting for hardware products on blockchain.
  2. Jinse.com and Bishijie.com reported that TAC established strategic partnership with an association in Sichuan.

“TAC reaches strategic partnership with Sichuan Province Medicine Development and Promotion Association”

  1. China Business interviewed TAC founder Wang Pengfei on a blockchain industry talent topic.
  2. TAC decided to participate in the 2018 Global Blockchain Industry Research Report (application) sponsored by ChainHeadline.
  3. TAC held discussion meetings with potential partners about possible cooperation, including CCID Blockchain Research Institute, Blockchain Practitioners China Summit 2018, Blockchain 108 Masters Program, ChainHeadline and VE Blockchain Venture Capital Investment Workshop.
    【Self-owned platforms】



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