Recently, Traceability Chain (“TAC”) signed a strategic partnership MOU with Sichuan Province Medicine Development and Promotion Association (“SPMDPA”) , whereby both sides will work together on implementation of blockchain traceability solution for pharmaceutical companies in Sichuan to promote the blockchain-enabled traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology for medical and pharmaceutical products, help pharmaceutical companies reduce the costs of trust between them and consumers and further enhance their corporate brands.

In the wake of the vaccine scandal, the blockchain-enabled traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology draws the attention of pharmaceutical companies, and SPMDPA, an organization on a mission to facilitate the synergy among local pharmaceutical companies, lost no time to approach TAC in hopes of joining hands with TAC to facilitate the commercial implementation of blockchain traceability technology in Sichuan’s pharmaceutical industry and resolve the lack of product transparency and trust between pharmaceutical companies and consumers by using the tamper-proof nature and distributed storage aspect of blockchain.

On August 8, 2018, SPMDPA held a ceremony for signing of strategic partnership MOU between SPMDPA and Beijing Chengping Traceability Technology Co., Ltd and corporate cooperation workshop in Chengdu, where SPMDPA President Wang Yusheng and business partner of Beijing Chengping Traceability Technology Co., Ltd Mr. Tang Guangzheng, on behalf of SPMDPA and TAC respectively, officially signed the strategic partnership MOU. At the meeting, Mr. Tang Guangzheng shared with the participants the treneds of blockchain-enabled traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology and TAC’s project overview.

Also present at the event were honorary president of SPMDPA Chen Jian, honorary president of SPMDPA Zhang Xu, deputy secretary general Yue Dingxian, office director Li Xuemei, president of Sichuan Tongdaotang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd Yang Jiyong, general manager of Sichuan Lvye Baoguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Gong Dequan, assistant general manager of Chengdu Rongyao Group Co., Ltd Li Hong, director of Taiji Group Yuan Chun, general manager of Sichuan Ziren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Gao Chuanmin, director of Sichuan Haisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Ji Ming, general manager of Sichuan Hanbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Deng Daoqing, investment and financing director of Sichuan Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd Yang Yao and general manager of Chengdu Bingsheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd Li Yongcui.

SPMDPA is a civil society organization officially established on June 25, 2013 with the approval of Sichuan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, operating under the supervision of Sichuan Provincial Food and Drug Administration to facilitate the formation of synergy among pharmaceutical companies in Sichuan. The association incorporates corporate and institutional members and regional associations in Sichuan that are engaged in production, distribution, R&D, design, education and management of western and traditional Chinese medicine, medical devices and medicine packages. It is an industry organization created to drive the pharmaceutical industry in Sichuan, serving as the bridge between Sichuan provincial government and industry companies to drive the pharmaceutical industry in Sichuan.

TAC is the world’s first company to focus on creating a public blockchain for traceability. Since its inception, TAC has been expecting to create the world’s largest blockchain traceability platform with this dedication, allowing the commodities and data requiring traceability worldwide to operate in a safe and reliable manner and resolve the lack of trust across the key parts of the whole value chain using the tamperproof nature of blockchain technology. TAC China’s implementation team has 8 years of project implementation experience and connections in the field of traceability and anti-counterfeiting and its core team has served over 1000 corporate customers, running an APP with 80 million users. Its mainnet was launched on June 30, 2018, capable to process chaining requests from 40 million commodities each day.


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