According to an announcement on, on August 8, 2018, the first group of partners of Huobi Cloud officially came online. Since the launch of Huobi Cloud in July, about 1500 teams signed up in merely two weeks, and Huobi Cloud completed the compliance audit and training for the first group of ten-plus partners within a short time, including DBANK, VEB Bank, TANO, Asia Pacific International Holdings and TEX Commodity Digital Assets Exchange.

Landing on Huobi Cloud means the ability to rapidly establish an exchange and share Huobi’s technology and systems, even the experience, capabilities and resources accumulated by Huobi in the entire blockchain ecosystem. Before this, BNB and OKEX launched exchange alliance programs in succession with a view to fostering a large number of high-quality exchanges, which are much sought after by numerous project owners.

As the first step of its strategy of “all-industry ecosystem with Huobi ecosystem partners as the ecosystem nodes outside the group”, the launch of Huobi Cloud is expected to share with global partners the experiences, capabilities and resources accumulated by Huobi in the field of digital assets exchange and even the entire blockchain ecosystem to jointly promote the blockchain industry for win-win.

It can be seen from the first group of well-selected partners of Huobi Cloud that all partners are domestic or foreign name brands enjoying stable reputation and traffic. Of them, TEX Commodity Digital Assets Exchange stands out. The Blockchain World (ID: car098) believes that Huobi Cloud expects to integrate characteristics of digital assets into people’s lives and serve the real economy with digital currency services by leveraging high-quality traceability platforms.

As an exchange launched jointly by Huobi Cloud and TAC, TEX ( will focus more on digital assets trading of commodities in addition to launching mainstream currencies, anchor the comomdites of limited quantity in real life for traceability, issue digital assets and trade them online, in an effort to create the world’s largest commodity digital assets trading platform. For example, commodities whose value can be preserved and increased such as limited edition of Moutai, Wuliangye, Puer tea, redwood, ginseng, dendrobe and even precious metals can be traded on TEX.

In the past, due to the lack of regulation and authoritative systems and operating modes, the traditional commodity digital assets exchanges have become the paradise for speculators and market manipulators and the hotbed for scams. Using the decentralized trust mechanism of blockchain, TEX is expected to create an integrated service platform dealing with commodities, free trade and digitalized transaction, filling the gap of trust between brands, distributors, retailers and consumers in the commodity circulation and creating a brand new supply chain business system.

It is said that the process of landing on TEX is generally as follows: commodities suitable for issuance of digital assets issue traceable and certifiable digital assets on TAC platform before launching original prices on TEX for subscription, trading and circulation.

With TEX, brick-and-mortar companies on TAC will be provided with a wide range of financing, monetizing and risk control options that help them sell products and address financial difficulties in every possible manner that can be imagined. The trusted assurance provide by Huobi for blockchain asset management adds another layer of trust to TEX.

For TAC, tokens issued by companies who have set up sub-chain of traceability in TAC ecosystem will land on the commodity digital asset exchange for easy and free circulation of tokens, which will accelerate the business looping of token-based commodities and lay a foundation for preempting industry competitors. This move will effectively attract more companies to set up sub-chains of traceability, establish a digital currency system anchored to TAC, facilitate the formation of the entire industry chain of TAC and accelerate the expansion of its ecosystem.

According to the official statement of Huobi, after the first projects land on Huobi Cloud and pass the initial operation stage of Huobi Cloud, the capability to start stars with one stroke of key will soon be offered once the operation becomes stable.

If you want to try out TEX commodity digital assets exchange (, please click the following text.


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