【Technology development and product operation】
The dual version of the City of a Thousand Stars 1.0.5 launched.
The android version of the City of a Thousand Stars available for download from major app stores, with iOS version waiting for platform review and approval of launch.
The City of a Thousand Stars v1.1 is under development and will allow users to extract blue diamonds into their Ttoken wallet accounts. In due course, the new version of Ttoken will allow users to exchange blue diamonds with TAB.

Digital asset cross-chain trading service is under development.
The new version of digital asset wallet Ttoken is under development and will support the cross-chain trading of digital assets.
The corporate traceability information chaining technology is being interfaced.
【Business development】
B-0730 TAC discussed with a meal delivery service provider in Shanghai about possible cooperation. This company provides lunch delivery services to primary and middle schools and hospitals in Shanghai and plans to increase its food safety management performance through blockchain-enabled traceability solution.
B-0731 TAC discussed with a New Zealand-based high-end honey producer about digitalization of commodity assets. This type of honey is uniquely nutritious and becomes more valuable over time. This producer plans to achieve digital asset trading for its honey products.
B-0801 TAC discussed with a frozen food transport company in China about possible cooperation, as this company is a supplier to numerous major catering companies at home. It plans to enable data interfacing for its existing frozen food supply chain system and complete the chaining of critical traceability information for greater food safety.
B0802 TAC discussed with a meat supply chain company about possible cooperation, a government-supported project. Both sides conducted technical discussion about data chaining and interface coordination.
B-0803 TAC discussed with a private company located in AleshanPrefecture in Inner Mongolia about blockchain-enabled traceability of sheep breeding operation.
B-0805 TAC discussed with a famous domestic redwood trader and processor about the possibility of standardized redwood asset chaining.
【Project follow-up】
B-0602 TAC has completed the technical interface development and test for an organic fish cooperation project with Great Lakes Co., Ltd. The next step is to bringing commodity data onto blockchain based on its production and harvesting plan.
B-0603 The cooperation between TAC and a New Zealand-based milk powder distributor has reached the test phase, where both sides are looking for suitable automatic labeling machine vendor for automatic coding test of traceable label.
B-0718 The cooperation between TAC and a famous hairy crab breeder: as the harvesting season for hairy crabs is approaching, both sides began selecting the traceable label types for hairy crabs and expect to complete the type selection and procurement of traceable labels next week.
B-0721 The cooperation between TAC and Sichuan Provincial Medicine Development and Promotion Association: both sides have signed the strategic partnership agreement and the association has discussed with some of pharmaceutical companies in Sichuan. TAC plans to discuss with these companies about the value of blockchain-enabled traceability and deepen the cooperation with them face to face.
B-0725 Partnership with Coldlar: both sides will explore the cold wallet product options to realize traceability and anti-counterfeiting using blockchain technology to promote the anti-counterfeiting and traceability mechanism of hardware wallet products in the supply chain.
TAC & DragonEX completed the first round of the joint promotion campaign and distributed the related rewards, with the second round under preparation.
TAC communities launched a differentiated contribution reward program, which will be fine-tuned to a perfect reward mechanism.
The official Chinese-language community of TAC (https://bchat.mobi/share/TACChain)launched the B-chat channel.
TAC communities communicated the news that TAC founder Wang Pengfei attended the Huobi public blockchain leader forum on Huoxun.com.

  1. The Consumption Daily covered the “blockchain trusted vaccine program” launched by TAC.
  2. Sohu.com covered the strategic cooperation between TAC and Zhongbiao Fangyuan, a domestically leading anti-counterfeiting technical service provider.
  3. TAC was interviewed by China Economic Times, talking about the urgent need to bring the blockchain market onto the right track.
  4. Jinse.com and bishijie.com reported that TAC is about to launch TEX exchange with Huobi Cloud. TEX exchange plans to launch this month and will focus on digital asset trading for commodities, anchor the traceability of limited commodities in real-life society, issue digital assets and trade the same online, with a potential to become the largest commodity digital assets trading platform in the world. TAC will be used as platform coin on TEX exchange in the future. Commodity tokens issued by companies within TAC ecosystem based on TAC will be traded more easily online.
  5. BlockData completed the project assessment and rating of TAC.
    Report Media Date

Blockchain trusted vaccine program: TAC takes five measures to bring vaccines onto blockchain free of charge Consumption Daily July 30
TAC project rating report: BB, application scenarios are appropriate, but the team’s technical expertise remains doubtful |BlockData BlockData July 31
Huobi Public Blockchain Leader Competition Round 6: technical advancement of public blockchain and trends of developer application implementation Huoxun.com July 31

Blockchain market needs to be regulated now China Economic Times August 2
TAC contracts with Zhongbiao Fangyuan to further ensure trueness of information chaining process Sohu.com August 2
Jinse Theory of Relativity: can traceability make large-scale blokckchain implementation possible? Jinse.com August 3

  1. TAC started making preparations for the 2018 Blockchain Traceability Forum & TAC Ecosystem Launch scheduled to take place on August 30.
  2. TAC founder Wang Pengfei attended the online streaming of the Huobi Public Blockchain Leader Competition Round 6 to discuss the technical advancement of public blockchain and trends of developer application implementation with TrustNote public chain open-source software project founder and CEO Zhou Zhengjun, DAIS public chain developer & ZG. TOP China Guwen Yanao, with the Great Bay Area Blockchain Industry Alliance initiator & Shenzhen Qianhai Himalaya Capital founder Zong Hua as the moderator.
    “Huobi Public Blockchain Leader Competition Round 6: technical advancement of public blockchain and trends of developer application implementation”


  1. TAC founder Wang Pengfei attended the ninth issue of Jinse Theory of Relativity held by jinse.com to speak on the topic “can traceability make large-scale blockchain implementation possible?” The guests present are Jingtong Technology’s president Dr. Wu Xinyan, director of Zhongguancun Blockchain Research Institute Cheng Wei, director of blockchain subcommittee of Zhejiang Financial Technology Association and Billy Capital founder & CEO Zeng Linchuan.
    “Jinse Theory of Relativity: can traceability make large-scale blockchain implementation possible?”


  1. TAC founder Wang Pengfei decided to serve as jury member for the global blockchain stable economic model design contest scheduled to take place on August 25.

【Model projects】

  1. TAC talked with and submitted a project proposal to a famous e-commerce platform
  2. TAC received the visitors from Innovation Community and reached a cooperation MOU on joint incubation of companies based on token economic model.
  3. TAC completed the company manual version 2.0 and SEO monthly report for July.
  4. TAC discussed with cctv.cmpany, www.hooview.com and Green Valley Eco-Agriculture Alliance about future cooperation.


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